Dust Explosion-proof power distribution panel MAMX-20


  • Enclosure material: Q235/SS304/SS316/SS316L
  • Ex-marks: Ex tb IIIC T80℃ Db  * Protection level: IP66
  • Certificate:ATEX,IECEx and TR CU
  • Max current: 630A
  • Max Power consumption:100W

Dust Explosion-proof Power Distribution Panel MAMX-20

  • In—built circuit breaker, AC Contactor, Thermorelay, PLC, Transducer, Soft starter and other components, The panel can install indicator, Pushbutton, Universal switch, Display instrument.
  • Used in industrial environment where high protective performance is required.
  • Suitable for controlling the temperature maintenance and the power supply of electric heating; Adopting different instruments and program control modules to control the temperature of the heating object so as to meet the requirements of different customers.
  • Different installation methods such as hanging and floor-mounted installation and different incoming cables such as ordinary rubber and plastic cable, armored cable and heating cable.

Dust Explosion-proof power distribution panel MAMX-20

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